Interesting Events In Phuket Island 2018

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Alcohol-free Songkran

Under the slogan ‘Songkran No Alcohol and Discovery Thainess’, the party will run from 4:45pm to 9pm, with musical performances by Absolution,… View More

Songkran on the Beach Festival

Join in the food offering and the merit making and the ritual to pay respect to the elders by pouring water onto… View More

Traditional Boat Blessing

For centuries, the men of Phuket have fished the rich waters of the Andaman Sea in their small, colorful wooden boats. For… View More

Chinese New Year In Phuket

Migrants from mainland China have made enormous contributions to the economy and culture of Phuket for over a century. The celebration of… View More

Phuket King's Cup Regatta

The Phuket King's Cup Regatta is the largest and most popular event of the Asia yachting circuit. The regatta was established in… View More

The Laguna Phuket Triathlon

The Laguna Phuket Triathlon held each November is a world-famous triathlon competition. The three events have unique characteristics. The 1.8 kilometer swim… View More

Phuket International Marine Expo

Each January the Boardwalk at Royal Phuket Marina buzzes with activity as over 50 luxury yachts arrive for the Phuket International Marine… View More

Sea Turtle Conservation

A sea turtle begins life hatching from an egg buried in the sand of tropical beach. It digs its way out, then… View More

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival, or Te Sa Gan Gin Je, takes place over a nine-day period each October. Participants adhere to a… View More

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